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  2. Does anyone know the bolt size that holds the timing chain tensioner on to a 400ex? Thread size and pitch.
  3. Okay cool, thats how i installed them.. Just wanted to make sure. Installing rings wrong is never good.
  4. I have just reringed my 400ex with a wiseco kit. Im confused on which ring goes where. There is a gold/brass colored ring and a raw metal colored ring. Which one goes on top and bottom?
  5. I haven't really ran into it overheating besides letting it idle for like 10 minutes without any movement, but I was definatly thinking of going the spal fan route for extra piece of mind.
  6. I have bought new rings, gasket set and valve seals.. just waiting for it to get a little warmer out to install them. Im hoping that those will fix this issue..
  7. hmm, I cant let mine idle like that.. it is air cooled and will over heat especially with the big bore if left idling too long.
  8. after first start I took it out to an open area and ran it for 15mins and got on it a little but not too bad, then shut it off and let it cool down.. then I started it again and ran for 30mins same thing.. by this time I ran out of oil. I used Rotella 15w40 for break in, not sure if that could cause any issues?
  9. hey guys, I have a 2004 400ex. I just installed a 426 big bore with new weisco piston/rings. The first start went good for about 10 seconds, it started right up with no hesitation, then it started blowing whitish blue smoke out the exhaust badly, after that it started blowing oil out of the exhaust. I think the o-ring at the bottom of the cylinder that sits around the sleeve ripped when installing. my engine also use to smoke a little when cold before the big bore kit then stop after warm, which was due to my valve seals, i also believe the valves came a little loose but not bad. The bike runs great, starts great, full compression, no power loss. i will blow through my entire oil reserve in maybe 30 minutes, thats how bad its shooting the oil out the exhaust. What do you think the issue could be?

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