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  2. thank you very much. Sorry to have been a bother. I just did not see the 2002 included in the list. You are awsome. Thank you again
  3. Yes I did say it is a 2002, but I am assuming there is very little (if any) difference between a 2002 and a 2003 Sportsman 700 owner’s manual. Am I assuming incorrectly? Wont be the first time, I have been wrong.
  4. Within the list of manuals at the beginning of this thread, there is a 2003 Sportsman 600 and 700 owners manual listed. A link to it would be greatly appreciated. I have already tried Polaris for downloadable documents and seemed to only be able to get sales booklets.
  5. Sorry to bug you again. And thank you very much for the link to the service manual on the below mentioned quad. Can you send me the link for the owners manual, too? please 2002 Sportsman 700
  6. Can I get a link, too? My model is 2002 sportsman 700 and its the serv manual I desire. Pretty please
  7. thank you, I wasnt seeing the underscores in your email address. Thats what I get for not using copy n paste.
  8. i went to yousentit site and cant log in ?

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