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  2. thanks for your input and the manual will have to get to another puter to see it- no pdf on this one not sure at this point it's carb issues~~ if you see my point--might be fuel pump issues? line -vaccum- could be a firing problem maybe even a blocked exhaust--mouse nest~ seen a lot of crazy stuff in my years as have you- we are about the same age so it seems on the info on here good typing at ya bro maybe someone else has had these problems and will chime in many thanks ~~~~
  3. a few got one running to the so called fuel pump a few over flow tubes miss the older ones 2 lines-- gas in-- over flow in case ya flip it any clues on this he is selling it for $1300 but the guy wants it to run right knowing him when it's running right he will keep it he might try to out run my Honda 350 full time 4x4 on a flat out haul maybe-- in the woods he's toast
  4. did check boot and did spray around all areas of the carb head hook up cleaned the crap out of carb cleaner than most new ones been rebuilding carbs for many years soaked it sprayed it and blew everything with air major confused on this one why I'm here asking questions he should have never let it sit for 2 years with this new crappy gas I looked into the carb while running seems to as you try to rev it up sems as though it's spitting compression back into the carb? as you try to open the throttle~~~ also no adjustment screws on the carb other than idle
  5. my nephew has a polaris 2005 magnum 330 sat for 2 years cleaned carb really good but it won't idle or run wide open-back firing also any clues check all lines and stuff for vaccum leaks seems okay~~
  6. uh seems to be a bit complicated for me crap crap!!! don't show up as simple as it seems need to know how much oil in these things --needs an oil change BAD~~ P O was not into upkeep
  7. tried the link in the sticky no good~~~
  8. need the service manual for the 300 king quad won't down load please help 2000 year model

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