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2005 Polaris Magnum 330 - Running Badly

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my nephew has a polaris 2005 magnum 330

sat for 2 years cleaned carb really good but it won't idle

or run wide open-back firing also any clues

check all lines and stuff for vaccum leaks seems okay~~

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if it backfires, it's getting too much air. check the intake boot from the carb to the motor for cracks ...

if you have some quick start, spray some around the boot, if it revs up, it's cracked ...

if not, adjust your fuel/air screw ...

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did check boot and did spray around all areas of the carb head hook up

cleaned the crap out of carb cleaner than most new ones

been rebuilding carbs for many years

soaked it sprayed it and blew everything with air

major confused on this one

why I'm here asking questions

he should have never let it sit for 2 years with this new crappy gas :(

I looked into the carb while running seems to as you try to rev it up sems as though it's spitting compression back into the carb? as you try to open the throttle~~~

also no adjustment screws on the carb other than idle

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a few got one running to the so called fuel pump

a few over flow tubes

miss the older ones 2 lines-- gas in-- over flow in case ya flip it

any clues on this he is selling it for $1300 but the guy wants it to run right

knowing him when it's running right he will keep it

he might try to out run my Honda 350 full time 4x4

on a flat out haul maybe-- in the woods he's toast :)

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i'm not the best with carbs, best i can do is up a manual for your viewing pleasure.

cheriah, a member here, has a polaris and is great with carbs. she would be more than happy to answer any question you have if you message her here ...

thanks for your input and the manual will have to get to another puter to see it- no pdf on this one :( not sure at this point it's carb issues~~ if you see my point--might be fuel pump issues? line -vaccum- could be a firing problem

maybe even a blocked exhaust--mouse nest~ seen a lot of crazy stuff in my years

as have you- we are about the same age so it seems on the info on here

good typing at ya bro

maybe someone else has had these problems and will chime in

many thanks ~~~~

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G ETC or speed limiter system


G Fouled spark plug or incorrect plug or

plug gap

G Carburetion faulty - lean condition

G Intake / Exhaust system air leaks

G Ignition system faulty:

GSpark plug cap cracked/broken

GIgnition coil faulty

GIgnition or kill switch circuit


GIgnition timing incorrect

GSheared flywheel key

G Poor connections in ignition system

G System wiring wet

G Cam lobe worn or Valve sticking

G Lean condition

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Engine Runs But Will Not Idle

G Restricted carburetor pilot system

G Carburetor misadjusted

G Choke not adjusted properly

G Low compression

G Crankcase breather restricted

G Air filter restriction

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