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  2. How can I download the following Manual's that are listed under the stickey note? The link does nothing but brings up a grayed out window 2011 Ranger RZR SW Service Manual 2011 Ranger RZR Service Manual 2011 Ranger RZR S Service Manual 2011 Ranger RZR 4 Service Manual
  3. For some reason your DOWN LOAD MANUALS link doesn't work! :-(
  4. Even though parts are new it doesn't always mean they are good. I suggest you use an ohm meter to check the resistance on the ignition coil primary and secondary and any other parts including switches if all ohms out as good then I would suspect the cdi to be going bad or already gone bad. You really need the repair manual to test all these parts to make sure their in the correct ranges! Now that I thought about if all these parts are in the correct resistant values and your still getting a spark I would look into whether are not your getting fuel to the cylinder?
  5. If your carb is one that has a diaphragm on the top check to make sure the carb diaphragm/s have no holes or pin holes in them. And many times once a carb sits up with gas in them the needle valve and seat tend to corrode and causes it to not function properly. If you haven't cleaned out the fuel tank I would suggest doing that and if the fuel line has no inline fuel filter I would also add one of those as well.
  6. Voted #133 QUADCRAZY-Top 100 ORV Sites
  7. Update On My Parts and Rebuild! In my last post I mentioned having placed an order from jetsrus.con for a diaphragm with slide included and a rebuild kit however after waiting for almost two weeks I never got my order so I finally emailed them only to find that the diaphragm with slide included was on back order. Well I requested my money back and once I got that back I ordered a OEM diaphragm with slide included and a Aftermarket moose carb rebuild kit from bikebandit.com which the total was around $163.00. I got my parts in less than a week then cleaned the carb and installed the new parts and it is working like a new one.
  8. vncowboy, Any time you have to hand choke something to me that would indicate no fuel getting to the motor via the fuel system. And being you say it only has 230 miles on it indicates to me that most likely it has set too long causing the fuel to go bad and clogging the fuel system. I would suggest pull the tank and give it a good cleaning add and or replace any inline fuel filters and if the problem still exists pull the carb and clean it thoroughly then add a rebuild kit and check for any cracked or damaged diaphragms. And if yours has a fuel pump I would also check the output of that as well. Hope This Helps!
  9. Mudrider, I agree with ctd44! On most ATVs you'll have an accessory plug which is limited on the amperage that should be drawn from it and if you exceed that limit most likely you'll drain both batteries very quickly. What I would do is find out what that limit is amperage wise on your ATV and what the amperage of the music player you want to use draws. If the music player meets the ATVs accessory plug amperage recommendations your good to go if not I would suggest looking into a power source such as a small 2 cycle generator. I myself have never connected a winch to mine but I would think it would run directly to the battery with an inline fuse at the battery just in case something gets shorted out between the battery and the winch. Hope This Helps!
  10. Thanks for the replies I didn't get any email notifications from quadcrazy in regard to this post. Thanks Nor7 and Ajmboy, for trying to help me out! Tonight I went ahead and placed an order for the diaphragm with slide included and a rebuild kit from Jets R Us the total came out to around $115.00. I looked everywhere for just the diaphragm only but could not find one for the 94 model. I found some for newer models though but wasn't willing to gamble on getting something that may not work. Thanks and God Bless, Whip
  11. I am trying to locate 1994 Suzuki LT-F250 Quad Runner Carb Slider Diaphragm I only need the Diaphragm not the slider. I have tried to find a part number for the Diaphragm but have failed to find one. I have found a Diaphragm on EBay but the model years don't match. I sure would appreciate any help anyone can provide.
  12. If you have the engine running and then press the starter button and hear the starter motor turning that would indicate to me the starter is probably bad because with the engine running the starter is not under a load. If this is the case when you try to use the starter and apply the load of turning the engine over a bad or dragging starter motor cant handle the actual load being applied to it and it would quickly drain your battery down. In most cases a dragging starter is an indication that either it has been overheated and or the bearings are worn out allowing the armature to drag inside the case and bad brushes can also cause the starter not to handle a load because the proper connections are not present. Hope This Helps!
  13. With the break applied and ignition ON and the neutral light ON I would think since you're not hearing a click upon pressing the starter button that either the starter switch is not making a connection or the solenoid is bad. However you can jump or bypass the solenoid as marioweldinginc suggested but this can be done on the two large post on the solenoid itself. Simply use an old screwdriver to make a connection between these two large post Caution: with this method because jumping across the these two post can cause your screwdriver to get hot very quickly! Once the jump is made the starter if good should attempt to turn the engine over if not your started is probably bad. The Solenoid can be found by tracing the large wire connected to the starter directly to the solenoid. Hope This Helps!
  14. "Tell us how you'd use your gift card to fix up your quad". I could always use some preventive maintenance parts such as oil, filters, plugs, thermostat and parts like that in stock. Since mine stays outside in the weather most of the time it would also be nice to have a heavy duty cover to put over it since a tarp is such a pain to put on and take off. I would also love to have a camo vinyl kit that would hide most of my faded plastic body parts. Some green slime in my tires wouldn't make me unhappy either!
  15. If if an engine is running to lean the exhaust should not glow red hot! Sounds to me like something is restricting your exhaust for example: nest from dirt dobbers, rats, squirrels and other little critters can cause this. This same thing will occur on many vehicles with catalytic converter/s installed that become clogged over time. Hope This Helps, Whip

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