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  2. since last post been running fine after cleaning carb jets > last week started getting rough again, cleaned jets again and noticed dripping gas out of valve (off,on,reserve). thought it was loose gas line but when took off valve handle noticed gas dripping out of valve body. little metal washer behind cover plate doesnt appear to be compressing correctly. went down to hwd store got a o-ring put it behind valve plate then reinstalled 2 small screws > stopped leaking but cant turn valve handle because rubber o-ring gripping the plate. runs great now but if I dont keep eye on gas level (no guage) then ill be walking out of the Big Horn mtns. Any ideas.?
  3. Thanks much for ur reply. Couple questions: 1) how do I know if my atv is a 400 act or 400 fis? 2) how do I test functionality of auto choke electricly? Everything else is working as it should. 3) would it damage the carb/engine if I sprayed (sparingly) BG carb cleaner in the air intake as a last ditch effort before overhauling/replacing carb. I have already put a few oz of seafoam in the gas tank which actually did help a little bit? 4) any info on removing front axles from differential as noted in 1st post in this thread ? Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Howdy, Just got this outfit only has 230 mi. following issues encountered: 1) when cold start wont start unless i take air fltr off and restrict air intake w my hand then she will fire but have to thumb the throttle till she warms up >after warm easy start. runs like bat out of hell cold or warm w plenty of pwr. maybe?: elect choke...??? saw on other forum someone replaced w Buell carb used on HarleyI think w manual choke?? while idling when warm she occasionally pops. dont know if elect choke is working have tried lever on right side of carb but no effect (torn diaphram?) JUST GUESSING!!!!! 2) front cv boots cracked and need replace. ordered boots. when i take off wheel, brake cal., etc will the spline drive shaft just pull out from differential or is there a lock ring holding the inner knuckle to the diff. ? Any help will be much appreciated.

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