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  2. No modifications to exhaust at all . Just below freezing here.
  3. Ok great! Thanks so much! This board has been so much help! I will try that first thing in the morning.
  4. ok great, I will try that. Stupid question tho... wouldn't you be able to tell if it is plugged simply by checking the end of the pipe while it is running (without taking anything off)? Or can it be restricted just a little, causing it to glow red hot???
  5. hmmmm...ok, interesting. So what do I do then? Pull exhaust off? Is that tough to do?
  6. Thanks for the help. I just had a look, and I cant figure out if the fuel air mixture can be adjusted without taking the carb apart. Does anyone know by chance?
  7. Need some advice... The exhaust coming out of the engine glows red hot when running for a few minutes. I have been told it is running too lean. How do I fix this? is there an adjustment on the carb? if so, where is it located? Thanks!

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