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  2. will replacing the main 30 amp fuse with a 30 amp 12 volt circuit breaker cause charging problems 1994 bayou 400
  3. ill check battery tomorrow. I am going to check all wiring again this weekend.
  4. bought a new multimeter...stator not grounded,alternator putting out 9 - 10 volts at idle,39-42 at higher rpm...
  5. not grounded..but only 1-2 volts coming from alternator.I have been asking about the wires and regulaor getting real hot on 3 or 4 forums ,all said normal.the regulator plug was melted when I replaced it.pulled plug today from alternator its melted too. I guess the stator I bought is bad.man I cant get a break on this money pit bike.
  6. well put on a new battery Saturday.been starting fine until today ..battery down enough it wont crank .there is no spark at all when you put cables on like there may be a short or something...... now everthing on this piece of [email protected]#$ has been replaced except cdi unit......I have checked all wiring many times...cant find short................................
  7. multimeter shows 12.7 - 12.9 volts. it will drop to 6-8 volts for a second sometimes.
  8. 1994 bayou 400. regulator/rectifier got real hot to the touch melted one wire connection in plug.replaced stator and reg/rectifier runs fine but reg/rect is still hot and yellow wires from alternator are hot.any ideas what might be.
  9. well I was wrong.its dead again,
  10. Its fixed and running.......bad ground connection
  11. checked valve clearance they are right. A blue spark jumps all over electrode but it is real small.I cant figure out how it was running fine cut it off now it wont start. Bout ready to throw a match on it..
  12. fighting this thing for a month now.No spark at plug. New ignition coil,pick up coil,stator,reg/rectifier,all new wiring.Started it up today rode for an hour shut it off.Tried to start later wont start.pulled plug wire it firing a blue spark while starter button is pressed.Tried new plug no change. It stared a couple times an ran for few seconds then died.Will CDI act this way? The reg/rectifier get pretty hot is this normal?
  13. I purchased the seals for water pump.finally got old one out and noticed shaft bearing are pretty loose.i see the clip on outer side of case against outer bearing.shaft will move towards inside a little ways then stops.how does shaft and bearings an oil seal come out. I cant find much help in manual 1994 bayou 400 4x4 KLF 400B

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