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  2. Finally got back to messing with the starter issue today. I jumped the posts on the solenoid, and the starter cranked. Traced the wires from the start button all the way back to the solenoid, and there's continuity. There's also continuity at the starter button, so that appears to be good. I get no power to the starter from the solenoid, when pressing the start button. I bought the solenoid brand-new on amazon.com (aftermarket part, but it looks exactly like the factory part I pulled off). Fuses on either side of the solenoid are good. There are no clicks, or noises whatsoever when pressing t
  3. Thanks Mario and Whip. I had to put the starter problem on hold, since the wife decided a bathroom remodel was waaaaay more important. But I will post what i find, when I get back to it.
  4. I have a 2002 Yamaha Bear Tracker 250, and the starter motor doesn't work. It never had any trouble starting last Fall, but unfortunately the machine had to spend the Winter outside (removed the battery though & left it on a battery tender). I put the battery back in a few days ago, but there's no response from the starter. The engine will start fine with the pull rope. I just replaced the starter relay (complete with fresh fuses), and the battery has a full charge, but the sucker still won't start--it doesn't even click. The green neutral light is lit, and the headlight comes on (but does

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