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  2. My OEM Dunlop tires are getting a little worn and I am thinking or getting a set of ITP Terra Cross RTs for it. Anyone put these on a KQ 450? Perhaps I first should have asked for recommendation of radial versus ply tires. I am looking for tires that handle / steer better than the OEM tires, and last longer. I do not do any aggressive mud / water riding - mostly gravel roads, forest trails, and some paved roads getting there. Open to any and all suggestions.
  3. Sorry for the delay in getting back. It was the battery as expected and I now know that having 12 volts on a meter reading does NOT mean the battery is good. Never too old to learn something I should have known for years.
  4. Thanks. I will get a new battery this afternoon. (Just learned the guy who sold me the bike failed to mention that it was the original 5+ y.o. battery.) Guess I should have asked!
  5. (The previous thread was cancelled because I typed the wrong model # - SORRY.) Just bought used LT-A450X quad yesterday. Started up OK. Trailered it home 2 hours. This morning when I try to start it I just get a flashing dash and clicking sound - no starter action at all. The sound is coming from a dead end switch that is about 6" behind the battery and in front of the fuse area. (Kill switch relay?) Anyways, the money is gone and the quad is just clicking at me. (The battery appears to have full 12V charge when checked and yes it is in N with the parking break set.) Push the starter ... hear the clicks. Any ideas? And thanks a lot - I feel helpless.

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