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  1. Thanks guys. Yea I did some looking around on the web and parts seem pretty available. So I'm gonna go look at it and make sure its not totally ragged out. Reviews on the durability of it have been mixed. Most of them were good though. If all else fails it might be a good project to start.
  2. Ok so I'm about 90% sure that I I'm gonna go pick up a 2004 Polaris Predator 500 this weekend but I want to get some advice/help before I did. Its pretty beat up but I'm not too worried about cosmetics, I was just wanting to know durable they are mechanically, its a great price at $1200 but I talked down to $1000. I have a 2001 250EX and have drug it through hell and back and it just won't break. Seems like the harder I ride it the stronger it gets lol. I wanna just make sure that the Pred isn't Junk. The guy that has it told me he jetted and bored it also. But for $1000 its gonna be pretty hard to turn down. Anything helps

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