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  2. i have a 85 honda trx 125 quad i just got a 84 honda 200 ? atc. ? is both being hondas and only 1 year difference will the 84 200 atc motor fit in the 85 trx frame? the 125 has reverse i dont really know about the 200 thats not so much a big deal to me usage wise... any ideas thought or questions are greatly appreciated. thanks
  3. names is jim but just call me wild im a family man married almost 18 yrs i have 2 daughters 17 & 13 im a tile setter by trade, i love the outdoors fish hunt ski jet ski and LOVE my 87lt500. unfortunately its my only 4wheel toy as of right now. my oldest is on me to let her ride it but dad in me says oh hell ne the rider in me says let her try but MOM says no way!!! lol i think we know who wins this arguement and what i have to buy next. well enough chit chat glad i found this site and i'm sure i be askin for help till then L8t wild
  4. hello i could no need the 87lt500 manual email] thanks abunch

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