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  1. No, it's installed correctly. However, after installing, removing, putting in the old axle, etc., it now seems to be much more 'snug', with little to no play, especially when fully installed (hub, etc.). I was able to use the clamp from the old drive and it seems to be holding. We'll see. I've got a note into East Lake to confirm it is the right axle. Cheers, Shane
  2. Hi all, I have a 2004 Sportsman 500 and ordered a rear axle from East Lake Axle to replace the original that had gone bad. Once I had the axle on, I noticed that there was play where the splines attach in the differential, where my original Polaris axle had zero play. By play, I mean I can move the axle shaft laterally and the housing next to the differential moves back and forth. Other than this and the inner CV boot leaking grease after my first test drive, it seems to be a good axle. ☹️ I was able to replace the clamp on the inner boot, but the play just doesn't seem right. Is this play acceptable, or a sign of poor aftermarket part fitment? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Shane
  3. I'm thinking about getting an ATV trailer (Bosski 800AL, single axle, 200lbs) and am wondering if anyone has any experience with pulling a trailer, and in particular, how it affected your abilities on the trail. I'll be pulling it with a Sportsman 600 twin. That is, how much did it limit the places you could go? I'm thinking about some of the hills, rivers, and bogs I've been through and don't know how safe it would be to try to pull a trailer through. Just not that much experience with trailers, but want one for hunting in AK, and didn't want to spend the money and then find it too limiting. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Griz

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