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  2. I did not know that at all nor even think about it. that might be something i do tomorrow while i wait for the fluids to drain haha. thanks Oxidized!
  3. Yeah for sure, ill get those pictures and upload them tomorrow as well as keep you up to date on how the project goes.
  4. Thanks Mario! Sweet Oxidized thnaks i appreciate it im about to start a project tomorrow most likely with all the info ive gotten on my kazuma post
  5. LOL i dont know if i want to be a part of a forum battle on my first day here.
  6. HAHA yeah i am going to try and take advantage of the sun tomorrow.
  7. I get some level pictures tomorrow and maybe even start flushing the fluids and taking it apart. work on my tan since its going to be nice tomorrow haha.
  8. when i start to take it apart a bit ill take some pictures and show you what the set up is. see if a regular gas line is an option cuz i would hate to keep pumping it every time.
  9. mhmm well if thats the case its just a matter of a longer gas hose correct?
  10. yeah the manual pump was placed by his dad no idea why. well if it wont harm the quad or battery then i should be good and might try to start it this weekend.
  11. well i might make a run this weekend and hopefully start this project then maybe get some good progress on it. sidebar: yeah i know its not stock, becuase my brother-in-law has the same quad just in blue and his does not have a manual pump. Im not sure if there was something wrong with it originally having a straight gas line and thats why they put a pump but it just makes it more complicated trying to start it with a pump haha.
  12. Hey all, so i am about to start a project of getting a 2004 Kazuma Dingo 150 back to working after it has not been turned on or touched really in 2 years. i couldnt find any forums on this or help on google. I want to flush the fluid systems; oil, brakes, gas, etc. im curious as to what the best way to flush the system and clean them internally im new to the whole ATV scene as well as im not an expert mechanic or anything. Id like to get the internals clean but dont want to ruin anything either. Just curious what you guys do and what works for you and especially what i should stay away from doing.
  13. lol i thought that would be bad due to the excessive power of a car running compared to the power needed on a quad.... well then i guess ill be stocking up on spark plugs i see well then i guess ill look at getting another marine battery. Side bar; Jerod you wouldnt by chance know anything about the gas pump would you?

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