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  1. Alright it has blue spark, it is getting fuel into the carb.... But still wont start up. Could the spark be too weak? If i hold hand over carb and kick It my hand gets soaked with gas. The spark is blue but it is a little spark. And i found out the carb is a 30mm aftermarket.
  2. Its hard with plug in real easy withnout-- and i can see the blur Spark- and i can get it to fire once in a great while foolin around with it. The carb is open on the intake end and the gas is gettin to carb. But the float bowl is aleays full of gas
  3. Kick start only. And it has spark- would tht make a difference?
  4. Its a 200x trike- but the carb is off of something else according to the honda dealer . And i cant really see gas squirtin but a white haze in there every once in a while. It smells like gas while i kick it. An it putts once in a great while.. I have takin the carb completely apart and i cleaned every hole.
  5. I can see into the carb but how would i knw if gas is squirtin its nt fuel injected so wouldnt it use vaccum??And the soark is blue i held onto end while kickin it and it shocked me. When i kick it it sputters and shoots pressure out of the carb. Could it be getin to much air with straight ipen carb to engine??
  6. How is the right way to test if soark is strong enough? And how to see if fuel is makin it into engine. And wht kinda plug should i be usin? And does the open air hose make a difference?
  7. I bought a 200x nt sure what year not running. All the wires from the engine to cdi to cdi box To spark plug . Got it rigged up and now it has spark- i got it to fire twice yesterday for about 3-4 seconds each time. It has a diff style MIC carb on it. Its gettin gas to the bowl but from there i am not sure. From the carb back there is no air hose idk i that makes a difference or nt. i am lookin for the correct way to connect the ignition system. And does anyone knw were to get a 200x carb for cheap?

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