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  2. I'm not a pro at electrical stuff, just know enough to be Dangerous..Lol!!! Thank Gosh I work in the Aerospace industry and have top notch Avionics Tech to fall back on. Lol, can into work this morning and had 4 guys over at my tool box asking me questions about my electrical. )). Trying to get as many people involved so that I can get this crap figured out and be able to go Sling some MUD!!!! ))
  3. Oxidized-black, THANKS SO MUCH!! I feel Alot better about that!!! ). Going to put the case cover/stator back on tonight and get back to trouble shooting this crazy thing. I'm figuring the only reason I'm not getting spark is either and bad ground or neutral safety switch, it has to be something simple. I'll keep y'all posted on the progress.
  4. Ok, after pulling off the cover of my 200cc (CG200) that houses my Stator, I noticed there was some light oil inside there, question is... Is That Normal?? Is it suppose to have some oil in there??
  5. Yeah I'm starting to think that it may be and neutral safety switch or something Simple because none of this makes sence To me. I don't have a kill switch like bike because I have a key switch mounted on fender and checked it and it's good. Going to start adding new ground cables to make sure Frame,engine are grounded good. Being in the Aerspace field, we have lots Of that stuff. .
  6. do you have ANYTHING for a 2007 KinRoad ATV Quad 200CC (CG200) or something close, needing a wiring layout and service manual. Thanks, Larry
  7. I have a 2007 KinRoad Quad 200cc ATV. It was running great and then acted like it Was flooding out and died. I smelled gas and the air filter was flooded with gas so I ordered a new carb, bolted it on.... Nothing!!! pulled plug and no spark so.. I ordered I new coil, CDI box, and plug. After installing, turned key.. Nothing, still No spark. So I ordered a new 12 coil stator and just knew this would fix it, still nothing. I just checked all my wire connections and found 2 pins in one of my connectors wasn't fully seated so fixed that, still nothing, No spark!!! Help!!! I don't have a wiring diagram For a Chinese ATV so no sure what else to do, felling really stupid right now!!!!! I have a fluke muli meter but not the best at using it and not sure about where to check and what input/output values should be coming from from engine (CG200cc)

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