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  2. Thank you for the reply. I can have it in neutral and rev it and it revs high but drivin it's slow. Do you have any pictures of it? I'll google it and see if I can't find it thanks
  3. i have a kazuma falcon 150 it was running good for a while but lately it has been hesitating and now its not but its so slow now. i can have the throttle full but it barely moves. what could be wrong?
  4. anything i can adjust to make it work? any ideas anyone?
  5. yeah i seen that thread. idk what the problem is mine looks exactly like that. just the sprocket arms drop as soon as it gets in gear to drive
  6. Hey I have a kazuma falcon 150cc atv. I'm having major problems with the chain I tried just about everything I can think of. I bought a new chain and a gain tensioner assembly but the sprockets don't seem to stay in place. I tighten them as tight as I can get them And as soon as I move it the sprocket arms drop which then cause a lot of slack in the chain. The it starts to rub on the frame. How do I get them Tight so I can just drive and not have tabun more problems?? Can someone please take pictures of their chain and parts around it. I just can't seem to get it righ and it's aggravating please help!!!
  7. Nope just 2 bolts and pulled the starter off. But at idle it turns off. I need to keep giving it throttle to stay running
  8. i have a kazuma falcon 150cc, i just replaced the starter and now when it idles it turns off. should in just clean the carb and adjust it? if i do this it should take care of the problem?

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