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  2. bad neutral safety switch, if oil light is coming on when you hit the start, the bike thinks its in gear even though its not
  3. did some research, all rear shocks off raptor660 will fit, but if its piggyback shock you have to cut air box for it to fit, so the shock from a 2001 raptor 660 is the best. has remote res. just like the oem warrior shock.. its a direct bolt in.
  4. i have a 99 warrior and i am wanting to do the rear shock swap with a raptor 660 shock, has anyone done this that can tell me if all i need is the shock and its direct replacement or what all do i need? im a BIG rider and my poor lil warrior is low in the rear.. i read that i can upgrade to the rap660 shock and it will help alot.. any help is appreciated.. thanks

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