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  2. thank you :]. got rained out this friday but racing tomorrow. hopefully got everything with the sway bar figured out!
  3. I raced last friday and saturday morning bought a sway bar. A friend told me i wouldn't need it but once i got one id definitely feel the difference. i don't know if its because I'm so much lighter than him but even with leaning almost completely off of the seat it still wanted to tip on me. I bought a durablue sway bar, but since i have shorter shocks in the front the down bars are too long and the torsion arms are tilted up. will that matter?
  4. I ride on roads to get to the trails near my house. I just bought my trx a month or so ago and the factory tires are already crazy worn.
  5. i just got my trx ready for reading flat track. i have everything i need minus the sway bar and motor work, i don't really want to touch the motor. is there anything small i can do that would help me in any way?
  6. taking off the air box lid will help it breathe a little better.

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