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  2. Im from Eastern Washington. Came to Dallas to do some work related things. Holy Crap!!! Its hot!!!! 109 today in Arlington. Everyone from Texas says "I love Texas. I'll never leave, WOOOHOOO TEXAS!!!! ( screamed with a raised beer in hand ) I got thinking about riding quads down here and I just think of the hot air pounding my red face at 40mph. Well ok 35mph - My quads not that fast. But still. Do you ride in this heat?? I think I actually bumped my head on the sun today.
  3. Nothing fancy?? Those are great quads. What i have found in the short time i've been a quad owner is that a quad is a quad. Well uh um uh ... Some chinese brands dint count as much BUT just like my buddy that is snowmobile crazy, he always says "ride what you can" I ride an 01 foreman 400s and my wife has an 86 Moto 4 225 Yamaha. Very different in the way they ride but fun factor is still all there.
  4. Such a huge help Thank you thank you
  5. My wife rides a 86 Yam moto 4 YFM225 We picked up for cheap and it runs great. Im a big dude and it actually really rips for being what is nowadays a smaller quad. I noticed the clutch is slipping. It takes a couple seconds to really engage. I think the previous owner used car motor oil which may cause it but it may be worn out. My question is that in owners manuals and other forums, there are mentioned adjustments that can be made to them but is this just for manual clutches as mine is an auto clutch. I ordered new clutch parts and will be using 4 stroke oil for sure. Has anyone reclaimed a clutch by just changing to proper oil?
  6. I ride an 01 foreman 400 S and have been searching Craigslist for bargains on tires ( there are great deals on tires for sure ) but sadly I'm descovering that tries in the 11 inch dia. are really rare. Hope to find a set mounted on 12 inch wheels as a package. Any advice? I'll prob use chains in the winter as I'm sure I can get another season of dirt/trail only riding out of the current set.
  7. Turns out the lady had forgotten to give me the proper tags.
  8. I just got my ATVs title transferred and such and on my way home I notice the tags the lady at the licensing place were the type you get for a motorcycle or car license plate. I had asked for the orv park tags Are they the same???? I'm not allowed on te road and have no license plate so I'm a bit confused.
  9. I was just across the WA ID border again today and saw another guy in a quad in a left turn lane at a busy intersection. Must be an Idaho thing. I'm moving.
  10. Maybe I'll go there and sell tires for a living considering how the asphalt chews through mine.
  11. We took a little drive today to go look at a truck I was thinking of buying. Bout an hour east of home. Imagine a place where cars and trucks are secondary and ATVs are everywhere. Wallace Idaho If so desired I could drive my foreman to church on Sunday. This town was crawling with them. I even saw an old lady delivering a lunch sack on a little Bayou from a sandwich shop. I must live here!!![ATTACH]1207[/ATTACH]
  12. I love that price Sounds good to me.
  13. I admit it, when we got it out and after seeing where it was and where I had been thrown when it happened, I said a prayer of gratitude. It takes me about an hour every morning to get my knee loosened up enough to walk. Any accident without a histpitol is a good accident. I'm I the only one that gets bugs in my teeth cuz of the perma grin on my face while riding a quad?
  14. Lots of tire brands out there I'm not familiar with for ATVs Are there some generic brands that are just crap I should avoid. I Plan on trail riding mainly. Very little dune use. Occasional mud. I Like cheap but like anything you get what you pay for.

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