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  1. I'm keeping track of all sizes of which tools I am using on this lil project and I'll place a hopefully coherent follow-up post in this particular thread (or another one, if anybody has a better suggestion). Maybe it will assist some other folks down the road. I know that I really appreciate previous owner's documentation efforts (videos & forum discussion information) which I've found, before working on this atv.
  2. I purchased this machine used @ 492 miles in July 2012. Changed fluids (except radiator) filters, plug (which looked nice and tan) and then put 340 spirited miles on it. I always burn premium, mixed in a 5 gal plastic tank with correct amount of Sta-Bil mixed. Frankly gasoline does not stay in the tank long enough to do much besides get used up. I've read enough on forums & checked out some pretty thorough youtube vids lately and think I need to remove & clean the Mikuni BSR33. I ordered a rebuild kit from a vendor to obtain fresh gaskets, diaphragm anything else which may need to be
  3. Right on, thanks for the feedback, all.
  4. I have a stock and very dirty Yamaha foam air filter surrounding the internal canister/carcass (I don't know what those are called, since Yamaha doesn't even bother to name the thing inside their service manual). I purchased a 490 mile used - 2007 Wolverine 450 SE last week and the new filters, oils, chemicals arrived yesterday, from AMSoil & DennisKirk. I am handy enough with tools and 'stuff' to be able to handle routine vehicle maintenance. A service manual is often required, and I'm good to go. However, when shopping for replacement air filtration @ DennisKirk's online location (s

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