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  1. Funny how things are different between US and Canada.. Up here, I would pick the Linhai over the Kymco any day. Linhai is cheaper and the parts are readily available. Kymco is overpriced (only 10 percent off big brands) and parts can be hard(er) to find. I just seen a brand new Kymco 500 SxS listed for 11 grand.. Damn I can get an Arctic Cat for that kind of money.
  2. Alright I wanted to post back as Ive had some time with my Linhai. Well after 2 months of abusing... I have only had to change one part... I got the unit stuck in the mud and in an effort to free it, I literally melted the clutch. Other than that, I havent had to do a damn thing to it. I put gas in, hop on and drive the hell out of it. Not only does it impress me, but everyone I have let drive it has been impressed. On the clutch front.. I contacted Visionary up here in Canada and they recommended I put a Dr. Pulley clutch in. Apparently Linhai is now using Dr. Pulley clutches in all their new machines. A great example of the company recognizing a weak spot and making improvements. Currently Im waiting on my Dr. Pulley clutch to arrive. Once it arrives I will post back as its supposed to noticeably improve performance. We will see.
  3. Yup.. Another problem I have seen when units are new.. The clutch is over greased and the grease if flung out with such force it bounces back on the sheaves. Clean everything real good (gas on a rag for the sheaves, soap and water for the belt) and problem goes away. Usually if I go so far as to take everything apart, I just replace the belt (still clean the sheaves).. My time is worth the price of a belt.
  4. Based on your description... My guess is a slipping belt, thats why you cant replicate with wheels off of ground.. $80 for a new belt and it should be good to go...
  5. I have attached the service manual for the Linhai Bighorn UTV (Pretty much same for 21 and 28)
  6. swampcat.. I agree with you about lots of the other Chinese brands. Getting parts can be next to impossible. So far it has not been a problem with my Linhai.. I wanted a wind shield and found 4 dealers within 30 min that had stock. I also needed a belt (importer put wrong belt on during PDI). Found the proper belt in a small town (2500 people) near where I camp. Linhai is truley in a different league than the other Chinese brands (at least the UTV)..
  7. I know this thread is old, but I had to create an account to post. It drives me nuts when I see posts from people with no experience that bash things simply because of where they are made. Dont get me wrong, there is a lot of crap coming from China. There is also a lot of quality products now. In any case, I own a Linhai SxS and love it. If you get a chance, I encourage you to look at them very closely. Take the seats off, open the hood, tip the dump box up. I guarantee you will be impressed. The attention to detail and quality is top notch. Although the unit is very basic and designed for utility, its no slouch in the features department. It comes with nice mud tires (aluminium rims), has shift on the fly 4X4 and adjustable suspension. It also has a pre-drilled mounting plate for a winch (which hides the winch under the hood). I can personally attest to the fun factor. I have driven it hard on occasion and it has easily held its own against the bigger brand names. Not to mention everyone who has seen it or rode in it has been very impressed. Unfortunately I dont own a Linhai quad so I cant comment on their quality. If its like the SxS then I wouldnt hesitate. P.S. The phrase "You get what you pay for!" was coined by the same people that coined "A sucker is born every minute!"

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