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  1. Hi Al, I've got an '09 sportsman/500 efi with a plow and I was getting the same "check engine" warning that you have. Check your oil level and change if necessary, as per your hour meter. When you're plowing, it's hard work for short bursts and then nothing then short bursts again. Your oil is hot and not cooling properly as you're not travelling any distances (like trail riding) to cool it off. If you're down even a half pint, that makes the motor work even harder, hence the warning light. Either slow down on the throttle or take more frequent rests and the light will not activate. When
  2. I need a replacement dump box for my 2009 Polaris Sportsman 500 X2 that suffered an unplanned collision. The built-in seat, tailgate and taillights are good but the box is toast. See photo below for a match. Call Doug at 705-569-3791 in Temagami, (northeast) Ontario or email me at [email protected]
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    i got really lucky, the old man i bought it from only used it to tow his boat from his home to the marina

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