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  2. Thank you , I am looking forward to being here. Jack
  3. Thank you Oxidized _Black for the quick response. I appreciate it. Jack
  4. Hi I am new to this forum and am looking for either a manual for an 85 kawasaki klt 160 or if someone could tell me what the valve adjustment is for it. I am helping a neighborhood kid get this bike running with one of my other neighbors. We found out why it wouldn t run,someone had the intake valve to tight and no compression. Now we need to know the specs. Please reply asap thank you Jack
  5. Hi All, I am a new member here and am trying to find the VIN NUMBER for ATV in title. I have a manual and shows where the VIN is supposed to be but it is not there. Can anyone tell me where it could be located? I am wanting to purchase the bike and I want to make sure it is what the guy says it is. BTW, just getting a bill of sale with it . Please reply ASAP Thank you Jack

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