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  1. I have some damage from a rocker bolt that came loose. Anyone have experience with a machine shop that does good work? Also, any experience just buying a re manufactured head? Bud
  2. Seems the rocker adjustment screw backed off and fell out. Got lodged near the bushing area of the cam and did some damage. The chain was snapped also. Pop the side cover next to see whats lying around in there.
  3. Thank you. She's bound up tight. I'm pulling the motor now, toss the rest in the shed for sandblasting later. Looks like no cracks, leaks or other bad indicators. Cam bushings seem to be an issue, so will look at them first. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. Bud
  4. Hi guys, bought a non running 200x I assume to be 83-85. Told by PO that it stopped running suddenly, now kick start is jammed. I assume timing chain called it a day. Bought for my daughter to do a mild resto. I run Rokon's and old Wr430 Huskys myself. Any thoughts, ideas and randon knowledge is always appreciated. Thanks guys! Bud

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