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  2. I was able to get the drive shaft out but, haven't got a press yet or the time to work on it.with my job I have a limited time to get stuff done.
  3. Anyone know if you can change a drive shaft to chain drive. If so how hard is it and what would you have to do. Thanks
  4. There was no clips inside or outside. I can't get the pumpkin to move. The ends behind the wheel hubs don't move, I not sure if this stuff is all pressed on. I wondering how hard it would be to change over to chain drive.
  5. I put pictures on my profile page having trouble getting on forum page.
  6. Does anyone know how to dismantle the axle on a Chinese 110 atv I don't know extract model or the motor say united motors, I think it is a 110. I need to get at the rear gear and shaft out. The teeth are striped and I need to replace them. If you have a service manual or photos it would be great.
  7. Thanks for the manual. unfortunately it is chain drive the one I have is shaft drive. I need to see how to take apart axle to replace main gear on the axle.
  8. I need a repair and parts manual for a united motors reptile 90. I believe that is what size, my son received it from friend and can not find and model # on it. The # I found on motor pulls up nothing.
  9. My son got a united motors I believe a reptile 90 atv from a friend. I need to find a repair manual and parts manual. It has a drive shaft and I need to replace the rear gear, it is stripped. I need to know how to take all of it apart to repair it. Thanks

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