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  2. Hello, I have aquired this 4 wheeler from my Dad who is moving to a town home. I will be mostly using if for plowing snow but there will be an occational trip though the woods with the kids. When plowing a pass and stoping the 4 wheeler will kill. It will start up and keep going if I keep my thumb on the throttle a little. My next issue is the other day I took my daughter for a ride on level ground. When I turned around the 4 wheeler sputtered so I gave it more gas, when I looked behind me there was a big cloud of white thick smoke. Not sure where this came from. I would like to try and fix this myself since the repair cost at a shop I'm guessing would be expensive. This is a manual transmission with a foot pedal shift. Would it matter if I started in 2nd gear? Any help anyone can give is appreciated. I'm not affraid to take it apart and put it back together I just need to know where I should start. Thanks, DB

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