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  2. Ok found it today. I feel so stupid. When I picked it up from the shop they had the fuel reservoir switch on off and I never checked it. Im new to this game. Bought it to plow snow in tite spaces a truck cant get to. Runs like a top now haha.
  3. Yea I am here this week. Its just the engine turns sounds like it wants to start but just doesnt. At one point it started for a few seconds then cut back out.
  4. My name is Thomas and I am new to this website. I have a Sportsman 400 and just had a new winch installed on it. Battery seemed weak after installing the winch. Replaced battery but will not start at all now. Everything is hooked up right and I had the winch installed professionaly. Do I need to upgrade to a stronger battery ? Or take it back to the shop and have them deal with it ?

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