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  1. i did pull my pump the sock was shot like fell off shot so i need an inline fuel filter now but i seems to run flawless and will pump gas like crazy out the line the injector sprays aswell but not sure how much it suppose to spray...wish mine was carb then id know lol im young but old school drag machines
  2. ok i have a 2007 arcticcat 700 efi 4x4 it has died on me and wdoesnt want to run i have put a new plug in cleaned coil wire and hammer have also remoced throttle body cleaned it omed out tps checked ics for proper movment have cleaned and ran injector it seems to work fine have cecked fule pump and relay runs like new has 100 percent gas with heat in it for water removal and only way i can get it to run is to turn the tps all the way clock wise i can get it to start that way but only way it will stay runing is i i atand there and give is short burst of starting fluid to the throttle body i have also checked the boot between the throttle body and intake i have also hit every connection with die electrical grease , i know its a fuel issue but from where and whats causing it please help

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