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  2. thanks Quadnut.. Takes me about 3-1/2 hrs. To get to our good sand out to to get to another area. But so worth it! Otherwise its high desert riding which is fun too..
  3. Earth mover.. This iso not a decal. It is paint with hydrographics. We can do this on anything personable. It is base coated , dipped, and then clear coated. So you end up with a finish as nice or nicer than a high end automobile...
  4. Durable and custom! You can make something that NO ONE else has! Here is mine... Not to hijack your thread here! But if its paintable we can dip it!
  5. Well new here! Just found this site and have to say I like it so far from what I am seeing! I am a sand rider thru and thru! Here is a pic of my ride... And to support my habit I work with West Coast Hydrographics out of Clackamas Oregon...

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