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  2. Oxidized, Thanks for the reply. It was none of those. I left my battery tender on overnight and today and bingo! I believe it has a bad battery. I was suspect of the battery when the battery tender light went to green or float so quickly but just told myself well heck it isn't the battery! It had headlights when the problem happened but maybe not that bright. Any of my older quads that aren’t so electronically dependent can survive on an iffy battery for some time. So if you have one of these electromechanical 4 wheelers and it gets weird CHECK YOUR BATTERY! Thanks!
  3. (My first post here) My wife has a 2010 TRX420 and last night it left her stranded !!*&$$#@!! I went out in the rain to retrieve it and could not get it to start (turn over). When the key is turned on I get the - symbol with no blinking. The PS light stays lit I can also hear the fuel pump kick in. I played with the emergency shifter and could never get it into gear or change its symptoms (start). After doing my internet research I see the - may also be connected to other issues. I have it back in the garage and charged the battery (you never know) to know avail. Before it goes to a dealer I want to try and see if someone out there has seen this issue and can get me pointed in the right direction and check some things out. I do have a service manual but could not find a matching trouble shooting description. Thanks!

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