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  2. Anyone have a manual for a 2003 LTZ400? I cant seem to upload from the manual board page.
  3. Thanks oxidized_black. I talked to a local person today and found the answers I was needing. As far as the service manuals it keeps saying error and login failed so I don't know what is up with that. Thanks for the help.
  4. I just got a banshee that had been a project and the person lost interest. Long story short, the bottem is complete and together, the jugs doesn't have the new sleeves in them yet. New sleeves are to fit stock 65mm pistons. Does the new sleeves need any kind of work to accept the new pistons and rings such as honing or bevelilng the top lip? Does the jugs go into the sleeves in a specific way? Does the jugs need a small bore to accept the new sleeves?
  5. Awesome collection of manuals. Thanks for sharing these.

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