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  2. I did try to adjust them, they were off by a lot and the intake valve keeper broke off which damaged the valve stem. So I got 4 new valves just to be on the safe side. The stock ones aren't as durable I've read. Got kibblewhites Yeah I suppose so. Just gotta remove the shims and add diff sizes.
  3. I need to put new valves both on intake and exhaust side bc my valve lash clearance was 0. In order to put new Valves in, can I use old shims or do I need new ones? New springs also?
  4. My intake valve was really tight. 0 valve lash clearance. I think that's the problem, I'm waiting on the DRZe kit and Ferrera valves then I will replace the old parts. Thanks for the help guys ill give you an update soon
  5. Hey guys thanks for all the help, it was the valves. The intake valve lash was at 0. I didn't realize how important the adjustment was the valves. I'll give you guys an update when it fix it. I'm waiting on parts now:wink:
  6. it seems to be getting fuel, air and spark. the carb was also cleaned out. rejetted and carb cleaner.
  7. yeah i got the manufactor recommanded spark plug. it does have spark.
  8. I have a 2006 Suzuki ltz400. i bought it off some kid upstate and it ran when i tested it at his house. i brought it back to Long Island then it wouldnt start. it doesnt electric start to be more specific. Itll start if i pop the clutch in first gear but it doesnt idle, it dies. only does this when the motor is cold, when the motor is warmed up, itll idle. so i took it apart the i found that it had a blown headgasket. i replaced that and now it still doesnt start. i checked the timimg and its TDC on the bottom and top. now it cranks very strong and the compression is strong but it still wont turn over. its popped a couple times but it doesnt run. i cant seem to figure it out, i need help please.:mad:

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