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  1. ok so the machine shop figured it out it is a OEM polaris kit from 2004 so that they could compete within the 450 class and they are working on getting parts for it im happy now also they said this motor is better than the 500 due to that fact it produces 11 more hp and the revs are much higher
  2. the motor is at the machine shop now im hoping the cant figure it out
  3. it is possible that it was changed but how would i figure that out im more a yamaha guy im new to polaris
  4. ok so i got this predator for 600 said it needed a timing chain but here is the kicker its not a 500 it is a 450 none of the parts fit wtf lol does anyone know of a 450 kit for this i used to be a banshee guy but now i have a predator what did i get myself into:aargh:

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