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  1. Nice. How are they in the mud? and Nice lookin quad btw.
  2. ohh alright well thanks for your help. Ill have to take a look at em. let me know if you have any other tires in mind. Looking to keep price range lower then 100$ per tire.
  3. Kinda funny a 400ex is what I learned on. and liked it. so I just bought one less then a week ago. I like it. and for the price you pay for a 450. a little motor work to the 400ex will keep up with the 450's with no issues. and something I though about buying was a rev limiter programmer. So I don't have to shift so early. Ive heard you can get a lot more power out of your machine just by buying a 1000+ rpm programmer. Ill have to look a little more into it.
  4. Ohhh ok. If anything stud em up. or burn em off lol. How cheap? Do you know off hand?
  5. Ill have to look into them. ive never even heard of that tire. You know what there saying about them on the reviews by a chance?
  6. Thanks Mario! Im taking in all suggestions to make my machine look a little different. and see what can all be done and what is being done.
  7. Lol Thanks guys. Ill have to take a look. I thought about buying a set of Super Swamper lites. They seem like decent tires. And I will tear it up. and I don't plan one submerging it if that's what you mean lol. Ill hop on my uncles 1000 Can-am outlander for that Thanks!
  8. Thank you. Those both look very nice. Ill have to take a look!
  9. I bought my 400ex and kind of like the idea of shaved fenders. Just kinda looking to see what you guys did. and preferably how you did it. Thanks! My quad is a 1999 400ex. So something around that body style would be nice.
  10. I have a 400ex 1999 and have a spare set of rims that I think I'm going to put some mud tires on, so when I get invited to go mudding I'm not being pulled through vs. going through... Just would like to stay with the group but still be on my 2x4. Any suggestions? My quads rear tire size is 22-11.00-9 Not to worried about the fronts.

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