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  2. I checked my pump by turning on the key and measuring the amount of fuel it pumps into a measuring cup in sec and I cleaned the injectors not sure how to test them
  3. Ok my 2009 Kawasaki brute force 750 4x4i is back firing & cutting out when excellerated and the engine is getting hot enough that it burns my leg through jeans and it feels like the exhaust is melting the fender and I can sometimes smell burning plastic. I checked the fan and it is fine, also pulled the fuel pump out and tested and cleaned it and it stopped back firing and cutting out but still runs hot but not showing the temp sensor indicator light on the dfi at all... I checked the plugs and cleaned gapped ect they are fine... radiator is clean and not stopped up, oil level good, injectors working property and clean..... I just don't know what else to do to it.... HELP!

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