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  2. I found the problem using the wiring diagram and a volt meter. It was a poor contact on the starter side of the relay.
  3. Do you know what the two wires do that go into the crank case alongside the starter? It appears that the starter gear is always engaged which would require it to always be spinning even when not being used. That does not make sense.
  4. Do you know what the wires do that go into the crank case where the starter attaches? What disengages the starter so it doesn't have to rotate when not being used?
  5. I have a 500cc that only 'clicks' when I push the starter button. When I jump start it, it still only clicks so it is not the battery. I have taken the starter out and it runs when connected to a battery so the starter motor is good. I can start the 4x4 with the pull starter. Is there a solenoid that engages the starter? What do the wires do that go into the gear housing the starter fits into? How can I test the epoxy module or should I? What's my next move? I need help! Thanks....

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