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  2. Hello, I have a magnum 330 4x4 all stock just like i got it from the dealership. I have never had a problem untill now. it starts easy idles great. then when you run it for a few minutes it looses all power. it will idle great but will not move when you are on the gas, it will loop, try to rev up then fall on it face. it will do this untill you let off the gas then it will idle great. the past week we opened up the carb several time several different guys and cleaned it out. well after the first time it was "look at how clean it is", was the comments. cleaned out the fuel pump, new fuel lines and filter.. the reason i started this was for no power and no top end and stalling, we even adjusted the valves to factory spec. on the jets they are factory set no adjustment other than idle, and it idles perfect. everything i have learned over the years tells me it is a lack of fuel, i have good flow out of the tank on both lines, have good flow to the pump. I dont know how this pump works and no one i know does either. seems to run off the crankcase pressure.... from the piston going up and down. not sure,.... anybody have any time with this polaris 330 engine, the 500 may have the same set up maybe others. 2004 polaris magnum 330 4x4 all stock

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