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  1. Thanks for the tip =) but i still need some kind tutorial on how to put the shock in =( But every little bit helps i guess =)
  2. Were just gonna take it to my friends dad who used to be a mechanic cause we couldn't figurer it out and neither did Pep boys.
  3. Ok, I Need a Tutorial on how to put a New rear shock in a Kawasaki Lakota 300, any kind of tutorial i just need one cause this is gonna be my first time replaceing a shock and i dont wanna break anything. also i don't care if its in detail or not better if it could be But i really need one also if any one can give me any tips or things i should watch out for that would be great Thanks
  4. Ok My Cousin got his Baja Extreme 300 about 1 year ago, it ran if you jumped it, so we got a new battery. then it still needed jumped, so we just ignored it and kept jumping it. then it just stopped one day. so we needed to charge it for a couple hours then jumped it and it ran for about 100 yards then just died, and it wouldn't start again, i tryed starting it and it didn't even try, it made no noise at all, so my cousin had to push it all the way back to his house, so someone please tell me what you think is wrong with it. And the 2nd Thing i need to ask is what is the Baja Extreme 300 closest related to cause i think it's a generic brand atv.Cause he wants to buy some after market ATV parts and plastic for it. Cause my friend's Dad may be able to fix it and i want to know what's wrong with it first PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US!!!

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