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'04 kvf700 missing at higher rpm

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New member here and looking for help.

At 200 hours the check belt light came on. Removed the converter cover checked the belt and followed instructions for the reset. Now I have a miss that starts at 35 mph and it won't go past 50. It acts like you are turning the key off and back on. Pretty well ruled out carburation and fuel flow.

When I had the cover off I started the machine and noticed later a warning not to do that.

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Just an update. Talked to the Kawasaki dealer, they suggested I try another ignitor. At $460 I hate to buy one just to try. They also said it could be the crank sensor or coils. I put a timing light on it and when it surges the spark goes out, does the same on both cylinders. Probably try the crank sensor first since it's less expensive.

Also talked to them about any possible problems caused by starting with the converter cover off. Dealer said it won't cause a problem electrically, the warning not to start is a safety concern.

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Another update. Replaced the crank sensor, checked all the switches and sensors that feed into the igniter and the problems still there. Had the coils tested and they were okay. Ordered a used igniter from Powersports Nation for $80 bucks. Said they'd accept returns which I found very unusual considering it's an electrical part.

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The igniter arrived yesterday, put it in and test rode. Really no difference. The surging wasn't as noticeable but still there and it only runs about 53mph.

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