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Metric vs standard hex keys

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Brand new to ATVing, just got a '11 Grizz 700 and I'm putting together an emergency tool list to take along on remote rides. I'm looking at hex key sets and realized I have no idea if I need metric or standard. So which type hex keys does my grizz take?

And whichever it is, are all the bolts and nuts etc on the bike consistent...like are all either metric or standard?


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Not knowing for sure my guess all your fasteners are metric. There is some crossover, such as 7/16 will work for 11mm, 1/2" for 13mm and 9/16" for 14mm ect.

What I done is figure out what tools are needed to remove anything that might have to be removed during a normal outting and pack only those tools instead of complete wrench and socket sets. If something major goes wrong what good will it do you to be able to disassemble the machine in the dirt and not have the parts needed to reassemble? Think id leave all the speciality tools, pullers and big stuff at home. The exception might be the stuff to replace a drive belt.

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Thanks kv. That's probably what I'll do... just take what's needed plus enough to change out a drive belt.

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