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Make Muddy Gear Look Like New

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    • By Don983
      My Honda Rancher TRX420 gets stuck in whatever gear I'm riding in after 20-30 minutes. It has an electronic shift.  It started several months ago but is getting more frequent.  If I turn the engine off, put it back in neutral, and restart it, the gears will shift properly for another 10 minutes or so.  Any ideas?
    • By prdicon
      My 2018 Polaris Sportsman engine operation feels jumpy when I ride. It happens when I am trying to keep constant speed and throttle is fixed position. ATV will misfire and feel jumpy. Not smooth..
      Idle is good more or less. Will always crank up on first attempt.

      I am thinking to start using carbon cleaner.

      Any different between the Polaris carbon clean and Seafoam?

      Polaris carbon clean

    • By Frank Angerano
      I would like to hear who uses what to clean there ATV’S. 
      I’ve always been a fan of simple green and it’s always worked well but with this new property and the crazy black mud and clay that’s there  I have to say the simple green is not cutting it. 

      So from cleaning  right after a ride to cleaning them when you find one in a barn I would like to hear what everyone does and what your recommendations. 
      I’m looking to try something new.  
    • By Matman
      Scrub brushes didn't work.
      Pressure washer was able to remove the high spots and leave a nice consistent orange.
      Sent the cylinder out for a new sleeve and it came back shotblasted clean.
      Wire brush and elbow grease does the best so far, now using drill attachment with wire brush.
      What else besides scotch brite pads and detergent is out there?

    • By leekin212
      Selling my 2019 Clean Raptor 700 SE Red,, Runs great, street tires and rims, mud tires and rims, nice pipe and chip, lots
      of power, and well kept. My bike is working perfectly okay and has no accident record.
      Asking price is $7,000
      Item specifics
      Condition: Used    
      Year: 2019    
      Vehicle Title: Clean
      Drive Train: 2-Wheel Drive    
      Type: Sport
      Exterior Color:    Red    
      For Sale By: Private Seller
      Make: Yamaha    
      Transmission Type: Manual
      Serious buyer should contact me:
      Email: [email protected]

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