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Selling my 2019 Clean Raptor 700 SE Red

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Selling my 2019 Clean Raptor 700 SE Red,, Runs great, street tires and rims, mud tires and rims, nice pipe and chip, lots
of power, and well kept. My bike is working perfectly okay and has no accident record.

Asking price is $7,000

Item specifics
Condition: Used    
Year: 2019    
Vehicle Title: Clean
Drive Train: 2-Wheel Drive    
Type: Sport
Exterior Color:    Red    
For Sale By: Private Seller
Make: Yamaha    
Transmission Type: Manual

Serious buyer should contact me:

Email: [email protected]





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    • By RatpigHoosier
      Hey, guys I’m at a complete loss now. When I bought this thing a week ago the guy (who I know) said it needed a new front diff, which he provided with the bike. I took the whole thing apart, replaced the diff, checked the splines on the axles and on the drive rod on both ends. The pinion gear splines all look good too. I put it all back together, including new wheel bearings on one side. Got her up on jacks, started her up, hit the 4WD button, heard the actuator engage, put her in gear and……Mike Ditka. 
      The old diff I took out sounded like a bucket of nuts and bolts when I turned the input. The new diff sounds nice and smooth and the outputs turn nicely when I spin the input. The only thing I can think is that something is wrong with the actuator, but it sure sounds good when I hit the button. 
      Does anyone have experience with this?  What am I missing?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
    • By GTX70sixpack
      I have a 2007 700 EFI that I purchased new. It broke down 9.5 miles out on the trail the day I bought it and has been in the shop in two states almost ever since. All warrenties are now expired and I have a quad that still does not run. I have only managed to put 304 miles on it in 3 years. I am a auto mechanic and have technical back ground. I maintain, repair, and build all my other quads and bikes as well. This one has been under warranty and the princable of it has kept me taking it back to the dealers. Now it's up to me to repair it.
      To start out, it is flashing codes 41, 42, and 43. Can anyone give me code descriptions? Thank you.
    • By YamahaGrizzly
      So It took me a little longer than expected to even look at my Grizzly, Hopefully the N2deep Rad kit will be installed Saturday! Check out the little shed vlog! Make sure to Like and Subscribe to the youtube channel!
    • By ShamrockUSA
      I just installed a new battery and I am getting no power at all. tested the ignition switch, fuse behind airbox, and connection terminals and they are all fine. any ideas. there are also 2 connections by the battery that are not plugged in and i dont know what they go to. 
      in the pictures i know i dont have the negative hooked up.

    • By kickstartbuddy
      I was thinking its bad gas but it wont run for longer period even using starting fluid, so I'm thinking fuel starved. Injector? I heard the fuel filter is built into the fuel pump, which sounds like a terrible idea. I have read a few reviews saying its a common symptom of a plugged injector. I have my air intake box off and beneath it is the injector I think. But what do I need to remove to get to it? I dont want to just start pulling stuff off the top of the motor. 
      Couldnt locate a you tube vid that actually shows an injector removal.
      Any help out there. 
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