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Hi... new to forum first post, have a 2005 raptor 350 and 84 atc200es and just picked up a 2001 yamaha big bear 400 2wd. It was only $500 so i bought it knowing there was no spark. Well to start i tested everything by the book fuses, kill switch, main switch, neutral switch, parking brake switch, ignition coil, pickup coil, dirction coil, stator and all of the connections in between soooo......i need a cdi problem is I can't find a cdi anywhere, searched by part number model also searched possible interchangables, no dice. It's part number is 5fu-00 F8T36471 9910. Any help on if i can use another model or where i can possible find a replacement. Not sure if this helps but it has a 8 pin and 6 pin connector. Thanks in advance for any answers  I'm stumped.

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Yea I found those after I posted this. The funny thing though is the one that I have is actually as 2000 on a 01...odd.  I'm going to my local parts shop tomorrow to see if the have anything. Even if it's a little more money I'll buy it instead of going through those types of sites. The review a just horrible. Thanks for the quick reply.

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So I bought one through a dealer in California, they had the best price. Genuine yamaha part not a aftermarket. Plugged it up and a it fired right up. When it started I heard the flywheel hitting the pickup coil so I had to take it apart again but I just tipped it on its side. Not all the way, I leaned it against something so I didn't have to drain the oil.


Sure enough there was a nick on the pickup coil but it still worked fine so I loosened it, pushed it back fully which was only 1/16th or so. Put it all back together and it was good to go.


Thanks for the help all!!!!

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