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Jackie Stewart

Cannondale Cannibal proof of age

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I have a Cannondale Cannibal 440 ATV in the U.K. To register for road use here I need proof/documentation stating year of manufacture.

Acceptable proof is either from the Manufacturer or a Owners Club, so I am struggling here.  I can’t seem to contact Cannondale in USA, their website just directs me back to cycle dealers in U.K!  Anybody got any ideas who I could ask for help? Thanks.

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I haven't seen a topic on these in a while. Do you have the VIN number or any documentation? You may be able with the VIN number to have it looked up and provide some sort of print out from the website possibly, if it's reputable. 

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I have the VIN number which indicates it’s 2002 model, but I need a certificate either from Cannondale or an ATV drivers club to satisfy as proof for U.K. vehicle and driving authority.  I can’t fnd any contact address details for Cannondale on their website to even try to write to them! 

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