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Suzuki King Quad clutch problem

Wolds Alpacas

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Hello - I have just had delivered my 2004 registered King Quad 300.

The gear change is pretty fierce.  Pretty hard to get into gear from neutral on the foot pedal and when I select reverse on the hand lever, it jumps into reverse with a hell of a kick.

I am waiting for a service manual to arrive, but in the meantime, has anyone any suggestions please?

Thank you.

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Sounds like it may be idling way to high. Idle rpm should be around 1k or so. Just a guess with out any more information. Get your manual and read up on the specs. It will tell you everything you need to know. Sounds like a thorough tune up is at hand.  

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Try to adjust the clutch cable. It should be on the lever where the clutch lever is. If that doesn't make any difference. Trace the cable to where it sits on the motor. There should be a arm looking thing on top of the motor. If you closely inspect. The arm should have a point on it and one on the motor. They should be in line. If all else checks out. You need a new clutch

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