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I'm sure there is some awsome riding there. Welcome to the site, If you have any questions feel free to ask myself or another mod. Be sure to go to the new members area and introduce yourself.

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      Kid and me- Suzuki Eiger 400 and LT160
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      Anyone ride the Hatfield Mccoy trails? I love it there I normally stay in Gilbert .. Living here in coal country its different scenery
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      Heres a few videos i put together from riding last month. These are my favorite that ive put together so far . enjoy
      [ame=]april 21 on Vimeo[/ame]

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      Hey ya'll, I just got back to yankee-land, and couldn't wait to get back to riding. I just thought I would put up a few pics to let you see what you are missing out on. Hopefully I can track down some people to ride with, so I can get some nice action shots soon.

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      Me and some of my buds on Thanksgiving weekend.

      This is a old miner's stone house that is pretty much hide in plain sight.