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  1. No i haven't yet but thanks for the heads up. If i may where are you located at in NJ? The only reason i ask is that is where i am from also.
  2. While out on the trial today, I was helping another rider get unstruck and when i was done, my day was over. See the entire electrical system seems to have craped out on me. When i look in the owners manual it says to reset the circuit breaker but thats my prob, where the heck is the thing to reset? And if it is not the breaker what else could it be. Thank for any help anyone can give.
  3. Hello all. I have been riding for about a year now. I live in Alaska and the riding is amazing. In my stable I have a 05 Polaris 500 HO Sportsman and a 01 Polaris 325 Magnum. My wife and 2 boys ride just as much as I do. Hope to learn and talk alot with all of you......Later
  4. Riding in the Last Frontier is awsome. There are so many places to go riding. Will post some pics later.

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