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  1. Has any one ran into the new RTV Can-Am finally came out with . I am really watchin this one. I would love to hear about or see the two Can-Am 800 s ride some different terrains , hills, mud and straight-a ways in a flat out drag against their new RTV.
  2. Wow, things I guess with some has not changed much. The Can-Am did not get much flack or their owners until BRP changed the name and started a major advertising campaign. I thought by now most would have grown out of it after several years had passed. Arrogance a strong word but could be used also towards the statement or statements that had been made time after time on this site and a few other sites by other Brand users. I have not put a thread on here in a long time and was just testing the waters for a Can-Am Rider on this site. Stoopipbot you once said "Hey all them post are jut in fun, don't take em seriously on this site or ATV Fan. So I never take you Seriously !!The problem is some of the Can-Am /BRP users may. I think we are all proud of what we ride and think its great that some are fanatics about their Quads! LOL! So are we the BRP Can-Am Owners/Ryders . Buck Billy , I liked your comments about the handling on the 800. Not sure if they can Tame it though yet because of all that Power is why it is so hard to handle it. I would disagree with the Advertising though . One, because it is not that easy and their sales would fall off and sell less due to the premium price they are asking. They need to advertise like they do. 2ND I think that all the Advertising they do is a great help in the the ATV world in promoting the Sport . They are dumping allot of $ everywhere and it really does help support all of those trying to make a living at this Sport which in-turn in the long run keeps cost down for others by not sacrificing funds they could spend elsewhere to improve their Quads. I own a small business and I too gain from my competitors Advertising all the time. Sorry this turned into a Blog , but I thinks its time that Riders out there stop attacking other Quads especially the BRP riders cause they do contribute allot more than we all know.
  3. I was just wondering if the Can Am is still the unwanted stepchild in the ATV world ? I saw good and bad for all ATV makes. The Can -Am is no different. Just wondering if it has gotten more popular yet!!
  4. I know this is old , I just noticed it.Maybe this will help someone in the future. I had the same exact problem when I bought mine brand new. I took it back and the Dealer installed a new shifter. It was bent! I basically rock it a little and do not force it and it will go into gear sometimes I rock the whole Quad and move the Shifter simultaneously if it seems like it needs more force.
  5. Your welcome! I knew what ya needed !See page 1 the third comment.:bannana_guitar::bannana_guitar:
  6. You got one great Quad . It can do most anything you would want from a Quad. You are right about the ride . How can you get board with all that power at your thumb.
  7. :usflag: He did a great job! I would do it again too. I would help him fold it right in front of them traitors. I hope that the Authorities take action against these guys. If they (who are responcible ) have green cards I hope they Boot them or him out of here. :smackbum::hammer::patriotc::seeyac:
  8. Hey Can-amfan ! I see ya found this one too.
  9. Roody are you going to jump too! Wow ! Or are tou just visiting?
  10. Hey there ole Fart !One ole Fart to another! Did you completly leave or what from the A-Fan? There are several more ole A-fans on here too! I just Quit posting on my own serveral days ago because of all the attack dogs on there. The mods have just stop controlling completly. I was on alot last year . I came back after a ban it was way different. I do not like hearing the same BS over an over again. Post an opinon once but then again an again like they got nothing else important to say. Very immature .
  11. Ilike them Rocks to ride over then fall into a Mudhole. Looks like real fun!
  12. I agree ! Trail blazer the jumping was only metioned because if you ever go to a Race that is where many passes are done (in the Air).It is fun to watch. I only mentioned this because of the recent Guiness world record. OBTW I believe Natalies Quad Suspension is Stock . Remeber the DS has a great Suspension System. The Older brands have lots of Mods. That is a negative about Can-AM ,hard to get Modified parts or after market parts. Natalie is an Advantage but not the only winnig factor. He would win every Race if he was that good like the example you used say like racing against you he would never loose.against you unless something broke!LOL!
  13. Sweeeetttt!!!!!!!!!!!!Look forwaeded to the Video.
  14. Oh yes me too!! Then there is the $15,000 an up Tag on it.
  15. Hmm 100 to 155 you must still like to argue alot, so lets see I think in 07 an 08 the weight had to happen gradually . NOT 55 lbs at once.Geese thats over a 30 percent increase.:rolleyes::no:I do not think that could happen ,DO YOU!
  16. Ok ok OKaayy You grew some since the last time I saw pic uf you was in 07 when you guys were posting up your my space sites on a AtvFan Post. I was just reading stuff an you were a pretty fiery little guy . You must be going through a growing spurt .
  17. :rolleyes:No I just think the` 450 class would be more`suited for your size . you are about 120 to 145 lbs right. I would want to weigh at least 155 and up to ride a Outlaw 525 cause the Quad is real fast. If you went 450 maybe you could hadle a DS or a mx but I doubt it Trailblazer you'd be better off with a 450r or a Suzuki.
  18. It works just get rid of the / and put in . com
  19. It does not mean "jack" if his Quad is too slow. That Ds can jump farther an has all kinds of power, and Suspension. It is only early in the season,some said he made a bad move . We can talk score at the end of the year. I know one thing for sure Suzuki, Honda or Yamaha will not be the top three racers or teams this year. Riders win but not consistant even when the Quad is not the fastest . Riders and Quads consistently win when the Quad and the rider are real good and fast for the Track they ride!
  20. :no:Oh BS :aargh:and how are you going to prove this one ! Just because Natalie is good is not cutting it!
  21. Yes you are correct, except Honda Yamaha and Suzuki own the Magazines and boy oh boy are they biased. advetisers dont mean crap to them, you know what I mean.
  22. I know some Arkansas Riders, I was going to tell them about it. I looked it up online I see it has a dealership Skills Competition. Looks like fun. Do they allow all Brands or just the Brands they sell ? I hope you can post the results or Video is always real good also.
  23. The KFX is to big it will crush you especially if you are as slim as the pics I have seen of you from your previous albums and Myspace. The Raptor is heavy too. If you get the Outlaw 525 IRS or S I hope you are one hell of a good rider cus if your brag on that Quad like I have seen you do in the past, you better be a better rider than the Guy/Girl you are racing.:laugh:
  24. SO! Besides ATVfan which I also have been on there for over a year with close to 250 post is more of a Yamaha site. It gets 7 to 10 Yamaha post in that section everyday. I have not been on there much untill just lately. Seriously Can-AM is getting lots of press because they are growing an have more models almost every year since they got back into it. I think the name change from the Bomb to the Can did more than anything else. But then that same year they come out with the 4x4 800 Renegade and the next year after that with a whole bunch more new machines or upgades that are superior machines not inferior or just average. I just read in a Magazine about the new 400 Outty was in the top 7 under for under $7000.00 and I have not finished reading it yet though it looks like it is was the smallest cc an ranking around 3rd or 4th comparing it to 650 and 500 4x4's.

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