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  2. This was tough for me. I probably have 250 "scenic pictures" from quad trips but only ~10 have my quad in them! I'll settle for entering this: EDIT: This really isn't fair...how can we compete with stoopidbot? There's nothing like Colorado. The scenery/views there are freakin' incredible. I'll ride there someday...someday...
  3. "Best view from your ATV", does that mean it has to be taken from the seat of your quad?
  4. Before the new wheels/tires and it being on a trail: After new wheels/tires and lots and lots of riding:
  5. The Lost Trails ATV Adventure Brodheadsville by quadmaniac QUADCRAZY ATV Community
  6. 2 Brute Forces and an Ozark. I actually have a few pictures from a ride when there were 4 Brute Forces and an Ozark, but they're bad pictures.
  7. I know you did. I wasn't the one behind it. Please keep the above-mentioned info on the DL (down low).
  8. Basically. But don't go around telling that to the members on there, they might get antsy and out of hand (again). I don't really have any powers over there, just the ability to make people listen to me real well.
  9. Haha I know. I'll hang around here for a while...I like this site...much more low-key than ATVFan...(much less arguing).
  10. For now I'm going to ATVFan. It's like my home...I've been a member on there for as long as I can remember. It was the first ATV site I joined when we were just getting into the sport. But if I feel like quitting that site, I'll be sure to let you guys know! Hope the offer is still on the table if anything were to happen with "the forbidden site" (that's what I'll call it LOL). But if there is any way for me to do both, I would totally be into that...anything to help out...
  11. Very cool projects! The Blazer is freakin' awesome. Definitely want to hear more about it!
  12. I would love to! I don't spend too much time on this site but I forgot about it for a while then got caught up in sports and getting into college. But now I have a lot more free time so I'll be spending a good bit of it on here. And yes, I have previous experience...been moderating ATVFan for a couple years (I know ATVFan is somewhat frowned upon on this site, but it's still a qualification).
  13. My entry: THIS IS NOT MY ENTRY...simply to show how much snow there really was (for entertainment purposes only). The Brute plowed it all easily...stock tires and all...and LOL at my brother cleaning off my truck in the background...

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